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We specialize in the development of training curricula based on the principles of applied behavior analysis, an evidence-based method chosen for its effectiveness. Our mental health agency creates training programs addressing a wide range of learner needs, ages, and service delivery modes. We also collaborate closely with our mental health team when needed. Special attention is placed on ensuring that the learner’s progress occurs through the arrangement of teaching environments that focus on the provision of positive feedback and are arranged to ultimately allow the learner to continue to develop language and other skills in academic settings, while generalizing these skills to other environments.

School Counselor & Student

School Consultation Services Can Include:

  • Individual assessment of the academic needs of students for development of effective instructional programs to be implemented in both school and home / community environments.

  • Assessment and development of instruction designed to facilitate social interactions, support integration experiences that are meaningful, develop daily living skills, and use of technology as a tool to engage with others.

  • On-site behavioral consultation, support, and Functional Behavior Assessments

  • Transitional Assessments for students preparing to exit high school

  • Direct program support and services.

  • Training for teachers, parents, and other professionals.

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