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Billing & Insurance FAQ

  • What is the payment address and contact information for the billing department?
    James Levine & Associates, PC 9 College St., Ste 6 South Hadley, MA 01075 (413) 534-7400 (413) 534-7483 (FAX)
  • To whom should I write my check?
    James Levine & Associates, PC
  • What forms of payment are acceptable?
    We accept cash, check, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • Do I need to bring my insurance card to my appointment?
    Yes. We will ask you to present your insurance card when you check in for your appointments.
  • Can I be seen for an appointment if I don’t have insurance?
    We are happy to assist you with any self-pay issues. We may ask you to make appropriate financial arrangements prior to your visit by contacting Marisa Pasterczyk in our billing office at (413) 534-7400.
  • I received a statement but I didn’t think that I would owe anything. Should I ignore the statement?
    Please do not ignore your statement. Receiving a statement indicates that there is a patient balance on your account. That balance will remain active until it is paid by you or other action has been taken. Ignoring your statement may result in a default status. If you have questions about your statement or believe you have received a bill in error, please call us at (413) 534-7400.
  • I have different insurance coverage for a visit that is being billed to me. What should I do?
    Please call our office at (413) 534-7400 to report the new insurance. It is extremely important that you notify us as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary problems with the processing of your claim with the insurance company.
  • Insurances We Accept
    We continuously evaluate our contracts with insurance carriers to provide you with the best in-network options and we participate with most major insurance plans including (but not limited to): Aetna Beacon/BMC Neighborhood health Plan Fallon BCBS/BBA CCA-Commonwealth Care Alliance Health New England/ HNE BE Healthy Medicare MHN/Tricare MBHP Tufts/ Tufts Network Health Value Options United Behavioral Health United HealthCare To determine if we are in network with your insurer, please check the back of your card for Behavioral Health Benefits. Many plans outsource the Behavioral Health / Substance Abuse services to third party insurers. If you do not see your insurer listed, your plan may allow for out of network benefits. Please call and we will be glad to check your eligibility for you.
  • High Deductible Policies
    If your insurance policy includes a high deductible, you will be expected to make payment in full at each office visit. Our billing staff will bill the visit to your insurer so that your payment can be credited to your deductible. If you have an HRA or FSA in the form of a debit card, you will be expected to pay in full and we will give you a receipt to submit for reimbursement from your HRA or FSA. Once the deductible has been met, you will be expected to pay only the copay or co-insurance as applicable. We do our best to work with you through any financial situation when it relates to your care. Communication with us is critical if you are having difficulty paying your balance.
  • Financial Arrangements and Payment Plans
    Our billing office will be glad to assist you if you need to make financial arrangements for an existing balance or for an upcoming expense. For payment arrangements or question please contact Marisa Pasterczyk at (413) 534-7400.
  • Collections
    Referring a patient’s account to a collection agency is rare in our practice due to the numerous attempts that we make to resolve balances without the need for further action. We are understanding of individual financial situations and we absolutely work with every patient who establishes and maintains an acceptable payment plan. If you have been notified that your balance is in danger of being sent to collections, we urge you to contact us at (413) 534-7400 as soon as possible. Together we can make the necessary arrangements to prevent your account from defaulting. After we have exhausted all attempts to secure payment or payment arrangements, or if a financial agreement has defaulted, your account may be referred to our collection agency who will correspond with you regarding your balance.
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